Westside Massage

About me

My name is Matt and I am a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist conveniently located between Wandsworth and Clapham Commons, SW11.

I hold a BTEC level 5 certificate studied at The London School of Sports Massage (LSSM)

The title Sports Massage would imply that it is a massage only for those involved with sport. This is misleading. While it is used to treat injuries sustained during sport, many more people injure themselves during their normal day to day activities.

Regular Sports Massage is a great way to help maintain a body's equilibrium and helps prevent further injury.

Benefits of massage

» Relieving pain and tiredness in overworked muscles

» Decreasing the risk of injury and re-injury

» Improving mobility by stretching shortened muscles improving the range of movement in a joint

» Reducing the build up of scar tissues in healing muscle

» Relaxation on a physical and psychological level

» Relieving aches and pains

» Reducing the muscular tension that builds up from a modern world

» Greater postural awareness

» Improved circulation and immunity

» General feeling of wellbeing calmness

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